Deep Purple Share New Single ‘Portable Door’ From Upcoming Album



British hard rock legends Deep Purple recently released a new single, “Portable Door,” from the band’s upcoming album, =1, along with an accompanying video.

The video, produced by Mutter & Vater and directed by Leo Feimer, showcases the band against the backdrop of the new album artwork and captures the group’s stage performance.

The “Portable Door” track marks guitarist Simon McBride‘s first work with the band.

“The new album will reflect what the five of us create in the rehearsal room. Many of the songs, like ‘Portable Door’, were written in the first sessions and literally came together in 5 or 10 minutes. It all was so easy and natural,” said McBride.

Frontman Ian Gillan added, “Throughout Deep Purple’s history, our best songs have always been those that were written in no time at all. We’ve played what felt good and developed songs as we have always done.”


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