Explanation about our stream player



Our music player on the website consists of 3 integrated streams.

By default, the stream player starts on the first stream with the lowest bit rate (64KBS AAC++). This is to prevent you from using a huge amount of mobile data when you listen mobile or from behind your PC.

On Mobile devices: By clicking on the arrow > you open the big audio player. 

When you click on the arrows as above you will scroll beteween all the different stream formats.

After clicking you will see the streams with the Bitrates briefly appear on your screen

Stream 1: Mobile+  quality 64kbs AAC ++ 

Stream 3: High quality 320 kbs MP3

You can also click on the other icon, which will take you to the complete overview of our streams

Written by: Oldies Online Radio

Licensed to play by socan
Licensed to play by Laut AG

LISTEN FROM YOUR APP less data (64 kbs AAC+)