Jennifer Lopez is forced to change the format of her tour



She has been in the music industry for almost thirty years, but not everyone is eager to see Jennifer Lopez (54) at work. The American singer had to cancel seven dates from her upcoming tour after ticket sales were very difficult. The pop star is therefore forced to drastically change the design of the concert series.

J.Lo’s concert series was billed as the “This Is Me… Now” tour, a reference to her first album in a decade. The album was released on February 16, but that musical comeback was not appreciated by everyone. The singer invested about 18,400 euros in the music, but in the first week of sales only 14,000 copies were sold in the United States.

Moreover, for the first time she did not even reach the top twenty in the American charts. A huge disappointment. Interest in her upcoming tour is therefore very weak. Ticket sales turned out to be a complete flop and seven dates have already been canceled. To prevent more concerts from being cancelled, Lopez is taking a different tack.

Her first tour in five years will not only celebrate her latest album, but also perform her biggest hits. She changed the name to ‘This Is Me…Live | The Greatest Hits’ tour and hopes to attract more concertgoers in this way. The American tour starts on June 26 in Orlando and consists of thirty shows. J.Lo previously hinted that ‘This Is Me… Now’ could be her last album. “The truth is, I don’t even know if I’ll ever make another album after this record,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

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