Metal fans remain loyal to Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ in ‘The Heaviest List’



Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ is once again at the top of Studio Brussels’ ‘Heaviest List’. The Belgian bands are also doing well, because besides Metallica the top 5 only consists of homegrown bands: Amenra, STAKE, Brutus and Channel Zero.

As always, metal fans could vote for their favorite metal song to shape ‘The heaviest list’ of Studio Brussels. For the 8th time in the history of this ranking of the 66 heaviest guitars, Metallica’s iconic song ‘Master of Puppets’ dominates.


This is the top 10 of ‘The toughest list 2024’

1.     ‘Master of puppets’ van Metallica

2.     ‘A solitary reign’ van Amenra

3.     ‘The sea is dying’ van STAKE

4.     ‘All along’ van Brutus

5.     ‘Black fuel’ van Channel Zero

6.     ‘Schism’ van Tool

7.     ‘Chop suey!’ van System of a Down

8.     ‘The fall of consciousness’ van Psychonaut

9.     ‘Fear of the dark’ van Iron Maiden

10.  ‘One’ van Metallica



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