New David Bowie Box Set ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Star!’ To Arrive In June



Parlophone Records has announced that a new 5CD and 1 Blu-Ray audio David Bowie box set will be released on June 14.

David Bowie – Rock ‘N’ Roll Star! explores Bowie’s journey from February 1971 through the creation of the Ziggy Stardust character, the recording of the iconic The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars album, and captures U.K. radio sessions and TV performances, as well as live tracks from Ziggy and the Spiders’ October 1972 show at the Boston Music Hall.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Star!, containing 29 unreleased tracks, covers early songwriting demos, recordings from David’s studio creation, The Arnold Corns, rehearsals at Bowie’s then-home, Haddon Hall, BBC sessions, singles, live performances, plus outtakes and alternative versions from the original album recording sessions, which have been newly mixed by original album producer, Ken Scott.

Unreleased highlights include an alternative version of “Lady Stardust,” a version of the deep-cut classic “Shadow Man” and an up-tempo take of The Who‘s “I Can’t Explain.”

The box set also contains two books. The first is an extensive 112-page book with detailed liner notes, memorabilia, contemporary reviews and articles, rare photographs from Barrie WentzelMichael PutlandMick RockSukita and Alec Byrne, as well as brand-new notes and interviews with Ken ScottMark Carr Pritchett and David’s plugger from the time, Anya Wilson. Accompanying the main book is a 36-page compiled reproduction of David’s personal Ziggy Stardust era notebooks.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Star! is available to preorder at

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