Posthumous Johnny Cash Album ‘Songwriter’ To Feature Previously Unreleased Material



Universal Music is set to release a new album, Songwriter, featuring 11 previously unreleased recordings by Johnny Cash on June 28th, more than 20 years after the legend’s death.

The collection contains 11 songs Cash wrote and recorded in 1993 at LSI Studios in Nashville. The songs are about love, family, sorrow, beauty, survival, spiritual salvation and redemption. There is some humor as well.

John Carter Cash, the son of Johnny and June Carter Cash, conceptualized the record and co-produced it with David Ferguson.

Carter Cash stripped down the demos recorded by the legend to just his vocals and acoustic guitar and then invited musicians, including Marty Stuart, Dave Roe and Pete Abbott, to flesh out the music.

“Nobody plays Cash better than Marty Stuart, and Dave Roe, of course, played with Dad for many years,” said John. “The musicians that came in were just tracking with Dad, you know, recording with Dad, just as, in the case of Marty and Dave, they had many times before, so they knew his energies, his movements, and they let him be the guide. It was just playing with Johnny once again, and that’s what it was. That was the energy of the creation.”

Songwriter will be available to stream and download, as well as on CD and vinyl, including standard black and several limited edition color variants.

Songwriter tracklisting:

1. “Hello Out There”
2. “Spotlight”
3. “Drive On”
4. “I Love You Tonite”
5. “Have You Ever Been to Little Rock?”
6. “Well Alright”
7. “She Sang Sweet Baby James”
8. “Poor Valley Girl”
9. “Soldier Boy”
10.”Sing It Pretty Sue”
11. “Like A Soldier”


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