Ben van der Schuur


Ben (54)  is the presenter of the radio program The Weekend Show on Friday evening and also founder of Oldies Online radio.

He started making radio programs at a young age.. He was the regular DJ at his parents’ birthday parties. Even at a later age he liked to play music in the youth club.

Ben started his radio career with his own radio station from his home. With a long mast on the roof he could be heard every Friday evening in the north of the Netherlands.

After not paying attention to his hobby for a long time, he has picked up everything again.

Ben started in the year 2000 at another internet radio station where they only played pirate (Dutch) music. But this was not the right choice for him.

Oldies Online Radio was born in January 2021 and now consists of a nice and cozy group of DJs.

Here you can find the podcasts from DJ Ben

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