Gerard Killaars


My name is Gerard and I am 47 years old (1975). Born and raised in Kerkrade. I became interested in music at a young age. It was a fun activity for me and listening to music made me happy. That passion for music actually grew and I became interested in doing more with it. Building music installations in cars, creating DJ setups and making music in a band was added to my hobby.

At the age of 18 I started DJing in a local nightclub and several local rock cafes. I did that for a number of years until I unfortunately had to stop due to lack of time.

When I became single again in 2018, it was clear to me…I would pick up my old hobby again.

I completely immersed myself in the music from the 1960s to 2000s, while my own preference is contemporary hardcore.

This has led to my having a very extensive taste in music. Because of this I have developed a nice varied own style that I would like to share with the listening audience. Request numbers are of course always welcome.

In December 2022 I got the chance to join this fun team of DJs at oldies online radio and share my passion with several which I will be happy to do.

Here you can find the podcasts from DJ Gerard

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